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A Peek Inside An NP’s Brain: IUD Insertion Edition

This past week I had all kinds of IUD insertion experiences. It is amazing to me how the same procedure can cause vastly different amounts of pain and discomfort among women. Some women talk about their afternoon plans and chat … Continue reading

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Back To The Classroom

A few weeks ago I was priveleged enough to attend the University of Washington’s Acute and Primary Care Conference. It was my first conference since the American College of Nurse Midwives conference in Nashville in 2013. Conferences and clinical updates … Continue reading

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October Turned the World Pink: A Midwife’s Thoughts on Pinkwashing

If you’re at all paying attention to the color of things these past few weeks, you may have noticed that everything has a pink ribbon slapped on it. Wine bottles. NFL players. Fracking drill bits (not kidding about the drill … Continue reading

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How Do I Explain This?

There is a concept in health care called health literacy. Essentially it is the ability to understand the body, what is happening to it, why it may be sick and how to navigate the health care system. All of these … Continue reading

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