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Anatomy of a 48-hour Call

Day 1 0700: Ok. Cool, there’s not too much going on. I’ll do my postpartum rounds, finish my coffee and maybe get back to bed for a little bit 0804: “An ambulance just arrived and she says she has to … Continue reading

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Giftalk: Labor and Birth Humor

Many people will not tell you that some pretty hilarious things happen during labor and birth. Emotions are running high, there’s all kinds of bodily functions and fluids, and the combination of these two things often makes for hilarity. I’ve … Continue reading

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Giftalk: For When You Have to Laugh or You’ll Cry

This week has been an especially stressful one that involved an entirely too-high number of patients that I saw, a brand new resident, and one particularly trying experience in clinic. This past Thursday marked the 7 year anniversary of my … Continue reading

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Lets Talk About Birth Control: A Comprehensive (and humorous) Overview of Everything You Need to Know!

If you’re a straight woman in America, there’s a 98% chance you’ve used one form of birth control or another. There are about a million (ok, not a million, there about 9 major different) options when it comes to birth … Continue reading

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