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Year One

I have been in midwifery practice for a full year. No longer can I cling to the safety of the label “new grad.” This year has been one of immense change and learning, both personally and professionally. I started thinking … Continue reading

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Why See a Student Midwife?

As I come into the final two weeks of my official training as a midwife, I’m having a lot of feelings, and reflecting a lot on my time as a student midwife. It’s a difficult place to be, as our … Continue reading

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What’s in a Midwife?

I got called to a birth just as I was going to bed last Wednesday night. Invariably, the second I take out my contacts and call it a night, my phone goes off. It’s gotten to the point where If … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Pelvic Exam: Practicing Applied Feminism

Pelvic exams are really hard for a lot of people. That statement should be self -evident, but I have had enough pelvics, and certainly conducted enough with other providers to know that not every midwife or physician truly understands this. … Continue reading

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Leading up to Transition

How does one transition into transition, per se? How does a student midwife make the transition from observer and learner to realizing the full weight of the task in front of her, make decisions, and realize the power and vulnerability … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end

Today marks my last class and final of my graduate education, and in a week and a half, I’ll be starting my integration quarter, where I’ll work (more than) full time as a midwife with the same practice I’ve been … Continue reading

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