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Ode to the IUD

Inside the uterus, we’re little T’s Small and versatile are we Teenagers come from their pediatrician Determined to have safer sex, they are on a mission Postpartum parents of all stripes Love this flexible little device Three, five, or ten … Continue reading

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On Choosing to Be a Clinic Midwife

My pace of life is different now. There’s less sprinting from labor room to labor room. There’s fewer tears, less pain. My path is different, but my stride feels the same. Being a midwife who doesn’t catch babies is a … Continue reading

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Birth Control Day

I love birth control starts. Good thing I had about 10 today. Almost all women between 15 and 20. Most of these women have never been on any kind of birth control before. As many of you know there are … Continue reading

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Lets Talk About Birth Control: A Comprehensive (and humorous) Overview of Everything You Need to Know!

If you’re a straight woman in America, there’s a 98% chance you’ve used one form of birth control or another. There are about a million (ok, not a million, there about 9 major different) options when it comes to birth … Continue reading

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