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Giftalk: Labor and Birth Humor

Many people will not tell you that some pretty hilarious things happen during labor and birth. Emotions are running high, there’s all kinds of bodily functions and fluids, and the combination of these two things often makes for hilarity. I’ve … Continue reading

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When You’re A Midwife With An Invisible Disability

I feel the tension creep up my neck, the warm water of the shower soothing. I reach up to massage the sore muscles, hoping that maybe I just slept wrong. Then the shooting pain runs up the back of my … Continue reading

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First Weeks: Trainings, Shadowing, and Sweet, Slippery Babes

Well friends, its been a doozy few weeks over here. It feels almost like a blur at this point, but to say that I have been busy and inundated with information is an understatement. ┬áBut what I will tell you … Continue reading

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