I’m a (relatively) new midwife figuring out who I am as a women’s health care provider. Currently, I’m working in full-scope practice in a city roughly 30 minutes south of a major West Coast city. Before returning to full-scope practice, I worked in reproductive health and abortion care for a year. I finished midwifery school in August of 2013 and am currently entering my third year of practice. I try to weave my radical political framework and feminist lens into my writings on this blog and also my everyday practice.

I started this blog as a student midwife, and hope to update with the ever difficult and tricky transition into practice, strategies for the job hunt for new grads, and tips and tricks for being a student midwife or new provider!

Because I often reflect on stories from clinic, I have stolen this from my good friend over at Midwife Island:

“These stories may often be of the sort protected by HIPPA, and I pledge to never reveal protected patient information or in any way infringe upon the privacy of my patients on this blog. All identifying information will be changed in my stories, and many stories are likely to be amalgamations of events that allow me to reflect on certain themes without violating patient trust.”

In my free time I can often be found biking everywhere with my husband, watching baseball, at a protest or political meeting, or ranting to anyone who will listen about the intersections of feminism and midwifery.

3 Responses to About

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  2. Anya Fogel says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I apologize if this isn’t the best time to contact you, or the best place. I’m working on a documentary on birth control for a national competition. I’ve been looking for interviews, as regionals are only a couple months away, and a friend of yours recommended I talk to you. If you don’t mind emailing me, I have a few questions.

  3. Miranda says:

    Hi. I came across your blog because I have some questions about experiencing pain during penetration due to a prominent urethra. I was asking a sexblogger my questions, but she wanted to refer me to someone with medical training, and so asked people who they would recommend. Your name came up in the thread. If you are too busy to respond I completely understand. I have loved reading your blog. You sound like an excellent midwife.

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