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Liminal: The State of Betwixt and Between

I was texting with a friend the other day about the state of being almost. Almost done but not quite. She compared it to being at mile 20 of a marathon. You’ve completed so much already and there’s only six … Continue reading

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Taking a family history is a huge part of what I do as a midwife. Certain themes seem to run through families clearly; other far-flung and seemingly unrelated diseases and cancers lurk just under the surface. Most commonly I find … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a 48-hour Call

Day 1 0700: Ok. Cool, there’s not too much going on. I’ll do my postpartum rounds, finish my coffee and maybe get back to bed for a little bit 0804: “An ambulance just arrived and she says she has to … Continue reading

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Everything Was Fine Until It Wasn’t

**Note: This post contains thoughts and feelings about birth trauma. As always, no protected patient information will be shared and this writing is comprised solely of my own reflections** Everything was fine until it wasn’t. Those are the words that … Continue reading

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When You’re A Midwife With An Invisible Disability

I feel the tension creep up my neck, the warm water of the shower soothing. I reach up to massage the sore muscles, hoping that maybe I just slept wrong. Then the shooting pain runs up the back of my … Continue reading

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First Day//Last Day

Tiny handprints. Tiny footprints. I stare down at the tiny cutouts sitting at the nurse’s station that I glue onto the official documentation. Handprints that are too tiny. The last eight hours whirl through my mind. Hushed introductions. Quiet voices. … Continue reading

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The Emotional Labor of Being a Healthcare Provider

I don’t know if it’s because the holidays put everyone on edge, but the month of December saw more tears and full-blown break-downs in my exam rooms than I had had all year. The work that I do is often … Continue reading

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