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The Politics of the Pelvic Exam: Practicing Applied Feminism

Pelvic exams are really hard for a lot of people. That statement should be self -evident, but I have had enough pelvics, and certainly conducted enough with other providers to know that not every midwife or physician truly understands this. … Continue reading

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No-shows and the beginning of integration

The life of a clinician can be at once action packed, never stopping, never having time to even catch up on charting or eat lunch kind of crazy. But then there are afternoons where three patients in a row decide … Continue reading

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Graduation (kind of)

Master of Science degree conferred, now just 8 weeks of integration until I’m officially done! (With my midwifery cohort and one of my favorite faculty members!)

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Clinic Vingettes

Almost all OB visits today, almost all women around 30 weeks. A woman with a daughter named Blessing A woman with a crying toddler soothed by a lollipop I supplied and she sucked away while I talked to her mom … Continue reading

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Leading up to Transition

How does one transition into transition, per se? How does a student midwife make the transition from observer and learner to realizing the full weight of the task in front of her, make decisions, and realize the power and vulnerability … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end

Today marks my last class and final of my graduate education, and in a week and a half, I’ll be starting my integration quarter, where I’ll work (more than) full time as a midwife with the same practice I’ve been … Continue reading

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