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On The Flipside: When It’s Your Family Who Is In Need

My family, through some seemingly cosmic joke, has had more to do with receiving health care than most families have to deal with. Long before I ever contemplated a career in the medical field, I personally had been to the … Continue reading

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Dear Med Student/Confidence

Dear Med Student: I’m really trying to understand that you are scared because you are in pain. You came into my office to have your birth control method checked on. I gave my recommendation for your follow up care, which … Continue reading

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GifTalk #3: Trying to Look on the Bright Side

These past few weeks have been rough ones at clinic, and I’ve had more discussions about complicated pelvic pain, referrals to domestic violence shelters and hotlines than about healthy communication. I’ve had more than a few patients who were outright … Continue reading

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Reproductive Coercion…The Slippery Slope

I have had some thoughts rolling around in my brain about reproductive coercion for a while now. Until recently, many in the reproductive justice world had not yet taken up the banner of reproductive coercion, but it is starting to … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows

I had to make my first call to Child Protective Services this week. A young woman disclosed abuse, and I am a mandatory reporter. In nursing school we learn the words, the situations that we must report, and I’ve had … Continue reading

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