Ode to the IUD

Inside the uterus, we’re little T’s

Small and versatile are we

Teenagers come from their pediatrician

Determined to have safer sex, they are on a mission

Postpartum parents of all stripes

Love this flexible little device

Three, five, or ten years they’ll have you covered

Good for the monogamous types or those with many lovers

(As long as you cover the snake or the fruit,

you’ll have contraception for your passionate pursuit)

Not only good for baby prevention

The IUD is is a versatile type of invention

For those with Adenomyosis or for the pre-menopausal,

The IUD is great to help fix those periods that are awful

For the transman who wishes to be done with menses

The Mirena’s localized hormones has few consequences

And for high risk folks, or the hippy-dippy types

Those with the Paragard have (only a few) gripes

But if I’m being honest, I think the Skyla is silly

It’s only good for three years

And the box is pink and frilly

But no matter the type you choose, if you want long term contraception

The IUD will get the perfect reception!


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