Support, support

Warm compresses, gentle pressure

Control the soft limbs, bluish, delicate skin gradually turns rosy

Find the apex of the tear, cast the anchor stitch

A first lover’s gentle, excited touches

Locked stitches over the pink vaginal mucosa

The pain of an unwanted entry

Deep, interrupted stitches to bring the muscle together

A nervous young woman on the exam table for her first exam. Lots of pressure, cold discomfort.

Running stitches now, bring the subcutaneous tissue together

Solitary pleasure, discovered through the help of a partner

Like a zipper, pull the subcuticular stitches firm. Bury the last stitch. Tie off.

Heal and wait.

Will it be the same?

How sure were the midwife’s hands, how skilled?

Flesh that is torn will heal again

A small shiny scar, a reminder of the life brought forth, the pleasure and the pain

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