Self-Care Update: First Steps

A few weeks ago I wrote about how difficult it is to continue living fully outside of work with a schedule that constantly changes and with a job that sometimes leaves you feeling exhausted.

Since coming to the realization that I need to take better care of my midwife heart outside of clinic so that I can continue midwifing happily for many years to come, I have begun to put the wheels in motion for a more rewarding life outside of work. (And don’t get me wrong, watching Star Trek reruns and eating dinner on the couch has its place, but it can’t be an every day thing.)

First and foremost, the biggest thing I did to rectify my totally insane commuting life was switch to a non-floating position (yay!!!). This means that starting in October I will work consistently at two clinics IN THE CITY I ACTUALLY LIVE IN. This is amazing. I will have consistent staff to work with, I’ll probably even see the same patients sometimes, and best of all, three days a week I will get to bike commute and the other two I can carpool with my new, totally rad co-workers that live really close to me already.

The second biggest thing that I finally pulled the trigger on is that I signed up for a pottery class through Parks and Rec. I grew up going to pottery classes with my mom when I was a teenager, could always be found in the pottery room, covered in clay all through high school, and miss the serenety that throwing on the wheel offers. It starts next week!

Finally, this past weekend my husband and I got out to backpack in the georgeous mountains of Eastern Washington with some friends, and it was everything we both needed after a crazy summer.

I absolutely love getting out into nature, and with my new position I will have Mondays off (yes, unfortunately I go back to working Saturday’s, but the trade off for a consistent schedule and the bike commuting is worth it) and I plan to head out for some solo hikes and take advantage of all the beauty that is just outside the city.

I feel hopeful and I feel like I have a plan to combat the burn out, and for now, I’ll leave you with some snapshots from this weekend:





Just a few of the 18 mountain goats we saw!


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1 Response to Self-Care Update: First Steps

  1. lena says:

    Wow, those photos look amazing! Nothing like the Pacific Northwest for some jaw-dropping beauty. Glad to hear about some of your new self-care routines…I had a clinical rotation one term that was a 15 minute walk from my house…that was the best term of nursing school! Yay for bike commuting and all things soul-nourishing!

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