GifTalk #4: When You Remember That Your Job Is Actually Fun

This was a nice week. I had a resident, learned a lot about HPV during some down time, and all around worked with lovely staff and patients in my many, many clinics.

So, happy Friday, my friends, and I leave you with the best gifs a midwife can find:


When I walk into an exam room do to a breast exam and pap smear and my patient is still wearing her bra and underwear

I am undressed

And someday I thought I’d feel less scared of the tiny little scalpel they give me for nexplanon removals, but I still feel like


And then my patients that I’m treating for bacterial vaginosis don’t believe me when I say they can’t drink alcohol on metronidazole. Like really. You can’t. Because if you do…..


And then you start seeing teenage boys who try and wow you with tales of their sexual exploits, and this is how they think you’ll react



But this is how you actually react:

quietly judging you

How I still feel every time I tell women it’s always their body, their choice


And then the electronic medical record program crashes for the third time while you’re trying to re-write the same history over and over


And then you have a sweet, sweet patient who saw her primary care doc for bacterial vaginosis and was given one pill of metronidazole and is wondering why her symptoms haven’t gone away. Do you know why her symptoms haven’t gone away? Because the actual treatment involves 14 pills. And you are very, very tempted to call up this woman’s doctor and go

use your brain

And then you get to the end of the day and have a post-it note with 10 different to-do items still left to chart, and you know the only way to end your day is to go right down the list:

far too long

And sometimes, it’s Friday afternoon, and the office is playing some pretty great funk and soul….so you decide to just get down in your office and you don’t care who sees:

dance party


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