Happy Mother’s Day from your local abortion provider!

The anti-choice narrative gets (a little) crazier around Mother’s Day. They stand outside clinics, wishing everyone that goes inside to have a “happy mother’s day” and hand out flowers, and generally engage in horrible, guilt-inducing tactics.

They write on sidewalks in chalk, “Mommy, I love you” (reported from some clinic escorts in Chicago who rightly and quickly washed the sidewalks clean of their bigotry)

Yesterday, I talked to a lot of mothers. I talked to mothers of many small children who knew an abortion was the right thing for her family. I talked to mothers ready to send fully-grown children off to college, and who knew they were done having babies.

Over 40% of women chose to have abortions in order to better care for the children they already have, a fact that anti-choicers would have us conveniently forget.

So happy Mother’s day to all, and may we all fight for a world where every mother enters into this role willingly and with great joy!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mammas I know and love!

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