Birth Control Day

I love birth control starts. Good thing I had about 10 today. Almost all women between 15 and 20.

Most of these women have never been on any kind of birth control before. As many of you know there are many different forms of birth control pills. There’s Monophasic, the same amount of hormones all month and triphasic, which has three different levels. Whoever invented, and then marketed the shit out of the triphasics should be shot. They’re great if you have acne concerns, but more women have break through bleeding on them, and their rules for if you miss one are so confusing I could not even tell you what they are.

Monophasics are where its at. There’s a bunch of them. Really. Like, 50 different kinds. You want to know how providers chose the best one for you in a scientific and totally evidence-based way? We have favorites. Literally. We just tend to start to gravitate towards certain pills for non-science based reasons. We just like them. My favorite? Ortho-cyclen. Sprintec is also a favorite, and it’s 9 bucks at Walmart.


Most of my birth control starts are with their first partners and were gushing to tell me all about it. In my midwifery training the adolescents that I saw were mostly seeing me because they were pregnant, and that forces one out of being a glowy, dreamy in love child very abruptly.

Instead these young women are teeming with questions, blushing when I ask if they are having consensual, pleasurable sex, and are excited about their newfound freedom. It’s almost hard to believe that we all start out that way, and it is such a privilege to see women in that time of their lives where they are first discovering themselves, their bodies, and negotiating the ins and outs of love.

Sometimes the best things do come in small packages. Small, little birth control packages.

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