Testing of the Commute and Thoughts on Beginning

A magnificent specimen of the WSF system

A magnificent specimen of the WSF system

This weekend C and I tested out my bike/ferry/bike commute. I will spend a considerable amount of time on the ferries of Washington state (the largest ferry fleet in the world, I might add!), and I was nervous to commute for the first time this coming Friday without having mapped out and tested the bike route.

It was a rousing success, 30 minutes from the ferry terminal to the clinic, and 21 minutes back (there’s a damn big hill).

I recently borrowed Margaret Atwood’s The Year of the Flood, the second in her MaddAddam trilogy, and can’t wait to have so much time to myself to read and enjoy the beautiful views from the ferry!

Tomorrow, I leap into my first big kid job, and am filled with excitement, trepidation, and a sense of possibility for what is to come! Over the coming months, I hope to bring a “NewFNP” feel to this blog, as the tagline of her blog is “What school doesn’t teach you about being a Nurse Practitioner.” I found her blog a haven during my time at school, and feel like it’s time to pay it forward for a new generation of totally scared, bright shiny NP and Nurse-Midwife students! See you at clinic!

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