Clinic Vingettes

Almost all OB visits today, almost all women around 30 weeks.

A woman with a daughter named Blessing

A woman with a crying toddler soothed by a lollipop I supplied and she sucked away while I talked to her mom about all her birth control options postpartum

A woman with old scars from self injury that I painfully had to bring up an make sure she was safe

A woman who needs reassurance that the drug I’m giving her is safe for her baby

A woman who didn’t want to see a student

A woman who was so happy to get an appointment with the midwives

A woman worried that she wasn’t gaining enough weight so her baby can grow, and who needed reassurance that she was doing everything just right.

A woman mourning the loss of a much wanted pregnancy, but so happy to hear that I told her and her husband that they could start trying to make a family again.

I love clinic for so many reasons, but finding out small pieces of people’s lives, knowing that I’m a small stop before work, on the way to pick up other kids at daycare, after a long day at work, to comfort, answer questions, or just to treat that damn yeast infection gives me so much joy.

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